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Micro West Sales is a professional sales organization serving the Military Aerospace market throughout

Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. 

Irv Landrey
Field Sales Manager

Irv Landrey has been in the Manufacturing Representative Industry for over ten years and started Micro West Sales in October 2011. He has over 40 years working with Digital and RF subsystems, communication systems, photonic subsystems, microwave and millimeter wave communications and radar subsystems. He was also involved with components, including, Silicon ICs, MMICs, hybrids and multi-chip modules (MCMs). His responsibilities included Sales and Marketing as well as in Engineering and Program Management within Hughes/Raytheon. During this time Irv was also the Internal and External Sales Manager for Raytheon’s Microelectronics Division with sales exceeding $120M per year. The Division had three Product Lines which included; GAO (Gallium Arsenide Operations) for MMICs, Silicon for ASICs and Multi Chip Module (MCMs). He managed the Internal Sales team, External Sales team and External Manufacturing Representatives (twenty companies with over 200 salesmen).

Irv covers accounts in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Walt Schulte
Field Sales Manager

Walt Schulte has been in the Manufacturing Representative Industry for over twelve years and started with Micro West Sales in June of 2016. He has over 40 years working in the electronics industry. He has been a key leader on Antenna Products Programs, AESA Programs and Electronic Warfare Programs at Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. He also Directed all Engineering efforts on the AN/ALQ-187 Electronic Countermeasure Program from project planning through final release, integration and test. This program is part of the division’s largest single award in the division’s history. He also directed project-planning phase of the division’s newest program. Plan integrated SAP, APEX, CMMI, EVMS and IPDS. This is one of the first programs in Raytheon to integrate these processes. Walt has served as Sr. Program Manager, Chief Engineer and other key positions in his career.

Walt covers accounts in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo, Kern and San Bernardino Counties.

Bob Smith
Field Sales Manager
John Barry
Field Sales Manager

John Barry has been selling into the electronics industry for over 30 years.  Initially with Varian Associates in Chicago, as a “semiconductor specialist,” selling power transistors and solid state amplifiers to Northrup, Honeywell Defense, Rockwell-Collins and others in his ten state area. He then opened the office for California Eastern Laboratories (CEL, NEC RF and Microwave Semiconductors) calling on Ford Motor, Motorola Communications, and other communication and military accounts in the Midwest area, where he progressed from sales engineer to Midwest Sales Manager.  CEL then transferred him to Santa Clara as Western Region Sales Manager and eventually as Vice President of World Wide Sales for CEL/NEC.  As VP of Sales, profitable sales grew from $40 million to $250 million over a 5 year span.  During this time, CEL acquired the NEC optical and laser diode line, which grew from $100K to $4 Million in 3 years.  Since leaving CEl in 2004, John has had various positions at Jaco Electronics and Synapse Wireless as Western Region sales manager.

John covers accounts in San Diego, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Dave Viner
Field Sales Manager

Dave Viner has extensive aerospace & commercial experience in microelectronic components, hybrids, modules, sub-systems, and EW systems. His expertise includes semiconductor process/quality engineering, component engineering, forecast planning, business model development, B&P activities, earned value management systems, outsourcing management, ITAR compliance, risk management, certified lean six sigma specialist, life cycle analysis, SPC, FMEA, & statistical data analysis. His responsibilities over the last 40 years included Consultant, Sr. Program Management (P/L), Business Development, Project Management, System Engineering, and Supply Chain Director across various companies (Northrop, Hughes, Raytheon, Corning, and Nikkiso Cryo). Dave also served as a Lieutenant in the Army, 110th Armor Battalion of the 26th Infantry Division. He holds an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University, a B.S. in Industrial Technology, Manufacturing/Electronics from California State University, an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Junior College, and is a member of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS) and also the International Photonics Society (SPIE).

Dave covers accounts in Arizona and Southern Nevada.

Bob Smith has been a manufacturing representative for over twenty years and joined Micro West Sales in November 2011. He has over 40 years working in the Southern California area selling all types of R.F., microwave and millimeter wave components and subsystems. Bob worked at Raytheon, MA/Com, Varian and was responsible for regional sales. Bob then worked for McDougall/ McLaughlin and most recently The Thorson Company as a sales representative.

Bob covers accounts in North/East Los Angeles County