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Accurate Electronics, LLC,  Chatsworth, CA Phone 818-882-5858 / Fax 818-882-6533  www.accurate-elec.com
All Contract Manufacturing Services and Processes: Surface Mount Assemblies, Through Hole Assemblies, Box Build & Mechanical Assemblies, Prototype to volume Production, Micro BGA Placement, Fine Pitch Placement, BGA Rework, Cable and Harness Assembly, Electrical and Functional Testing and Conformal Coating & Encapsulation.

Custom Microwave Components, Inc.,  Fremont, CA Phone 510-651-3434 / Fax 510-651-1054,  www.customwave.com
Custom Microwave Components designs and manufactures RF/Microwave solid-state control components and integrated assemblies. Switches, Attenuators, Phase Shifters, Switch Matrices, & Multi-Function Assemblies.

emTRUTH, LLC,  Glendale, CA Phone 714-514-7779,  www.emtruth.com

Our blockchain-powered solutions enable authenticity and traceability of each product as it travels through a complex supply chain. We integrate other advanced technologies in our distributed, protected back-end. Easy to use mobile and web apps make it simple for users to scan a secure code to follow a product and see its pedigree for its entire life story, all with one click.

G-WAY Microwave, Inc.,  South Hackensack, NJ Phone 201-343-6388 / Fax 201-343-6390,  www.gwaymicrowave.com
Amplifiers and Amplifier Systems covering a frequency range of 1KHz to 6GHz. Systems are available in both Broadband and Band-Specific frequencies. The amplifier lines consist of: Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), Low Power Amplifiers (LPA), Medium Power Amplifiers (MPA) and High Power Amplifiers (HPA). G-WAY’s amplifiers employ such technologies as GaN, LDMOS, GaAs FET and MOSFET.

M2 Global Technology, Ltd.,  San Antonio, TX Phone 210-561-4800 / Fax 210-561-4874,  www.m2global.com
M2 Global is a protégé of Lockheed Martin, Platinum Premier Supplier to Rockwell Collins and a Texas Manufacturing Star Award winner. They are a premier worldwide supplier of microwave products and precision manufacturing services serving the defense, telecommunications, and aerospace industries for over 30 years. High-performance radio frequency (RF) microwave components and subsystems in standard and custom configurations for coaxial, wave-guide,
and drop-in circulators, isolators, power dividers, couplers, splitters, diplexers, filters, and wave-guide assemblies


MicroHarmonics, Inc.,  Roanoke, VA Phone 844-389-8027 / Fax 844-449-1561,  www.microharmonics.com

Micro Harmonics produces high-quality millimeter-wave and sub-millimeter-wave isolators and circulators operating from 50 GHz to more than 325 GHz. These are the most advanced products on the market today. They are optimized for extended bandwidth and the industry's lowest insertion loss. Our WR-3.4 isolators have typical insertion loss of less than 2 dB in the band 220-330 GHz!

Micro-Tronics, Inc.,  Sonora, CA Phone 209-532-1008 / Fax 209-532-1009,  www.micro-tronics.net
Designs and manufactures coaxial microwave and radio frequency filters in the range of 10 MHz to 36 GHz band pass, low pass, high pass, notch filters, EMC Testing filters and multiplexers. Micro-Tronics was established in 1978 as a service-oriented supplier to military and commercial customers.

RF Bay, Inc.,  Gaithersburg, MD Phone: 301-880-0921 / Fax: 301-560-8001,  www.rfbayinc.com
RF Bay provides RF & Waveguide Amplifiers, Frequency Mixers, Power splitter/combiner, directional coupler, frequency doubler, multiplier and dividers. Phase – locked oscillators, block converters, filters, RF detectors, switches and more from .5 – 18 GHz. RF Bay also works with customers to meet special requirements and develop new products at high performance and low cost.

SAGE Millimeter, Inc.,  Torrance, CA Phone: 424-757-0168 / Fax: 424-757-0188,  www.sagemillimeter.com

Sage is a technology company focused on developing high performance microwave and millimeter wave (18 - 177 GHz) components and subassemblies for commercial space and military system applications.  *Our product offerings range from standard catalog products to custom-designed, application, performance, or function-specific products.  Many products in stock.